Quality in hand

Whatever the challenge, Global SQ is equipped with quality in hand. We insure quality with every service we provide throughout the supply chain.

Assembly, Subassembly and Kitting

We assemble multiple components as specified in the production process.

Testing, Containment and Reworking

We test products and parts to uncover defects and ensure no defected or non-conforming part is released; we improve and stabilize production to minimize future issues.

Engineering Support

We provide expert engineering support to assist you in developing parts to meet your needs and solve the quality issues you face.

Sort and Inspection

We inspect characteristics of each part, separating any that are non-conforming.

Inventory Management, Warehousing and Distribution

We accurately document and store parts and components in our warehouse, swiftly delivering them as needed to meet production schedules.

Sequencing and Logistics

We package, ship and document each shipment to match orders and to meet production requirements.

International Consolidation and Deconsolidation

We combine small shipments together for larger, streamlined shipments. We also separate large shipments into workable units and process for immediate delivery as needed.